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Building Enclosure Design

We continue to assist Architects, Engineers, and Consultants on the design of building enclosure assemblies on hundreds of projects ranging from the simplest of designs and conditions to the most complex. Based on our experience and analysis tools and skills, we can help design building enclosure assemblies that work based on exterior climate and interior conditions.

Did you know, buildings designed under the 2015 International Energy Code (IEC) can no longer use continuous z-furring to attach rain screen veneers to buildings.

Download EXO-TEC’s Case Study Thermal Bridging Solution. Does Continuous Z-furring meet Thermal Bridging Requirements?

Other Building Enclosure Design Work We Provide

Under Slab Waterproofing | Under Slab Vapor Barrier | Below Grade Waterproofing | Plaza Deck Waterproofing | Through Wall Flashing

Air Barrier Systems | Details Review | Red Line Review

Hygrothermal Analysis (WUFI)

Get Your Hygrothermal Analysis (WUFI) with EXO-TEC by Len AnastasiWe use the WUFI® hygrothermal analysis software to analyze building enclosure assemblies. This program is the most highly advanced modeling tool available in the world and we have been using it since it was offered to the general public in 2002. With this program, we can determine if a building enclosure assembly will function properly in the climate zone that it will be exposed to and the interior conditions it will experience.

Drone Surveys

Drone Survey by EXO-TEC with Len AnastasiWe offer drone surveys of existing facades that can save a building owner or manager the cost of expensive access equipment to survey their building facades. Facades need to be reviewed periodically for maintenance and repair work. The high resolution pictures that our drone produces can identify problem areas with great clarity. This alleviates the need for design professionals to be on a lift inspecting every square foot of the facade.

Legal Case Reviews

Legal Case Review. EXO-TEC with Len AnastasiWe have reviewed many legal cases and offered advice to the party that hired us on what the potential outcomes to their cases could be. Based on our advice, our clients chose to either settle the case of pursue a trial. We take our clients best interest first and foremost. We do not run up our fees on every case that is offered to us for review. We feel that this approach is why we get so much repeat business.

Expert Witness Work

Expert Witness EXO-TEC with Len AnastasiGoing hand-in hand with our legal case reviews, we also perform expert witness work for when a legal case moves to trial. Our thorough review of the documents, nose for finding the pertinent facts and concise expert reports have led to numerous settlements in lieu of trials as well as successful outcomes for our clients.

New & Existing Product Reviews

At EXO-TEC, we review both new and existing products and product lines. We advise our clients on how to improve their products and product lines to better suit the needs of the building construction industry. Our knowledge and experience in the construction industry, what’s working and what isn’t working, knowing what builders are looking for allows us to advise companies on how they might improve their product to exceed their competition. In addition, many companies request our input on marketing pieces and campaigns.

Len's Credentials

Len Anastasi has been working in the construction industry for over 30 years in masonry, waterproofing and restoration work. He currently owns EXO-TEC Manufacturing, Inc., EXO-TEC Solutions, Inc. and EXO-TEC Consulting, Inc. In his construction and consulting work, he has performed inspections and repairs on over 300 buildings. Len has given expert testimony in trials and reviews on dozens of legal cases. He is a member of ASTM’s E 06 Committee, the Boston Society of Architects Building Enclosure Council, Air Barrier Association of America, the Construction Specifications Institute, and the International Concrete Repair Institute. Book Len for your Next Event!

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