Solutions for Fenestration Perimeters

JamFLASH waterproofing Manufactured by EXO-TECJAMFLASH® is a semi rigid, 40 mil thick, UV resistant, extruded plastic flashing product for flashing window, storefront, curtainwall and door jambs in masonry cavity walls. We developed this products in 1998 to provide the building construction industry with a cost effective and easy to install flashing system to prevent water intrusion into the gap between the rough opening and the fenestration frame. It has been used on over three hundred projects since its inception with great success.

Metal conducts heat. Heat seeks cold. The use of metal flashings can result in the loss of heat within them to the point where their temperature is below the dew point temperature of the air surrounding them. When this occurs, condensation will form on the surface of the metal flashing and could collect in locations within the exterior wall where it can cause mold, corrosion or degradation of materials.

JamFlash® Specification

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